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You wouldn't expect me to just use a GoPro to shoot 1080p footage off of a firetruck, would you?

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I'm now 158.8lbs, I've lost over 60lbs since last September. :3 It's awesome!

School is awesome, and they keep giving me money! @_@ I still have more college funds coming in and nothign to spend them on. I'm tossing them into savings to use for later indie film production or suprise expenses.

I also picked up a liquid cooler for my desktop PC so it can now run at 4.4ghz without getting dangeriously hot. 4.4ghz, Intel Quad Core, 16GB of RAM... It's about the best desktop editing machine you can build using only consumer parts. :3 (You could blow it out of the water two times over using server components however... ...Though you'd need about $4000 to spend on that.)

The system in question, being benchmarked and the cooler installed.
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Everybody needs a 16GB iMac!

I need to mess with the Smbios so the Hackintosh doesn't report itself as a machine from 2008, but it doesn't affect anything. 3.3ghz Intel i5 Quad Core with 16GB of RAM running OSX 10.7.

Take the price of this box, including it's twin 23" monitors and it's only like $1300. Take an equvilant modern iMac with the same specs, ehn, $2400. No way I was paying that. D:

I'm actually pretty sure that Adobe After Effects -will- make good use out of that 16GB of RAM. D:
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Squeeee! 50lbs!

169.5lbs. That means that I've now lost 50lbs since September. :3 It's also the first time I think I've seen anything below 17X lbs in nearly ten years. :X
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Spending money wisely feels weird D:

I used to be an idiot and I used to spend money on crap that did nothing but get me more crap. Recently, with college coming up in September I've been saving money and spending it on things I need. I just can't really get used to this. I'm used to spending money and thinking it was a stupid waste of money, even now when I wisely spend my money on tools that I need and will greatly benifit me, I feel like I should feel like I'm wasteing money. When I think about it, I'm not. I needed to blow $700 on an Intel quad core PC; Sure it plays my games great but that's a side effect, what it's bought for and will do great is edit 1080p film projects for college and do all the effects animations for it. It's a good purchase.

Today I blew $218 (After shipping, electronic recycling fee, taxes. It was $165 before all that! D: ) on an 23" LCD monitor and I'll be ordering two more identical monitors in October most likely. Part of me is like 'You just blew $218 on a monitor. You have two CRTs on your desk right now'. But another part says 'Yes, but the 21" is starting to make a high pitched whine, and since modern graphics cards don't support more than one analog monitor very well, this second monitor can only run at 1280x960, where as 1920x1080 will be a lot more useful when you're swimming in Adobe programs'. So yeah, it is a great purchase and so will the other two once I get one of my bursaries.

Still, even with these ligit justifications, I just feel like I should feel like I've done something stupid when I'm not. It just doesn't feel right to feel right spending money.
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Fear me! Mwa ha ha ha ha!

Er, uhm, that is, the Intel Core i5 2500k is a remarkable processor, with it's unlocked multiplyer you can essentially overclock the 'bejebus' out of it. I reached 4.4ghz without even needing to adjust the vcore voltage. That's an increase of 33%.